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Introduction to Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun

These courses are designed for those who have little to no experience with firearms. Safety is our primary concern and is stressed for the duration. Students in this course will learn safe handling procedures, nomenclature of ammunition and firearms, fundamentals of shooting and dry/live fire drills.

Intermediate Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun

This is where we would fine tune the skills taught in the introduction courses, Going more in depth with the nomenclature and functionality of the firearm. Technique and operations will begin to be pushed harder and faster, developing muscle memory.

Advanced Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun

Train until Failure, then train more! Until something goes wrong with your technique, form, position or firearm. The time to learn these setbacks are on the range, not when you are standing face to face in a dark parking lot with an attacker who is twice your size, much stronger all while your heart is racing. This is where lives are saved. 

Concealed Carry Certification Course

This course is unlike any other concealed carry course. Designed and developed by law enforcement, military, civilian contractors and professional shooters, this course will prepare you for the unknown and unexpected. We will go in depth of the laws pertaining to carry and defense. The course is finished off by demonstrating the  psychological and physiological tolls that the body may encounter in a real life situation. The goal of this course is to provide the correct information so that one can make a sound decision on how to react.

Personal Protection- Inside/Outside the Home

In this course, the classroom will be the student's home, vehicle, work space and other areas of everyday life. In these areas, we will identify possible dangerous situations and advise what actions should be taken to counter these areas of concern.

Critical Emergency Response Course

This course is being offered for anyone who may be in a situation where a mass emergency event could take place. Whether it be law enforcement or private security who would be responding or teachers, administrators and employees who would be required to make split decisions that may save a life. In this course we will discuss armed and unarmed responses along with each individuals roll. 

  • "I recently took Brandon's concealed class. I feel like he is a great teacher and I learned many interesting things. I would recommend taking this class."
    Julietta Pugliese
  • "I took the concealed class given by Brandon Mawyer and had a blast! It was very informative and interesting. The class definitely opened my eyes a bit about how the law works. T..."
    Carl Strickler
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